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Liquid Screed

Why Choose Liquid Screed?

  • Liquid screed leaves your floor smooth and level to lay your final flooring down. Laying your floor directlty on to the original concrete can sometimes leave your floor uneven.

  • The installation of the screed in 10 times faster then sand cement. 

  • Its is twice as efficent at conducting heat when used on top of and underfloor heating system.


What is the drying time?

  • This can vary, however based on standard liquid screed the drying time is 1mm per day for the first 40mm and 2mm per day for anything thicker.  For example a 50mm thick screed will take 60 days nautral drying time. 

  • There are now faster drying liquid screeds available that can be covered by floor finishes after 2 weeks. They are subject to certain thickness of screed and room tempratures.

When can I walk on the screed after drying?

  • This is generally between 24 and 48 hours. However we will confirm this for you after being poured.

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